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Body Found In South City Dumpster | News

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Body Found In South City Dumpster

A person taking out the trash early Friday morning discovered a woman's body in the dumpster.  Police have identified the victim, but are not releasing her name until her family is found and notified.

There were no signs of trauma to the victim.

It was just after 6:00am Friday when police were called to the scene in an alley in the 3400 block of Miami in south St. Louis.  Some suspicious items were spotted near the dumpster.  Lt. John Green with the St. Louis Police said, "We found some drug paraphernalia across the alley that might be related. It looks like people used the garage to do drugs. We’re not sure if it’s related, but we’re going to look into it."

People who have lived in the neighborhood for years say it's been changing for the worse, prostitution is common.  Resident Heather Wheat said, "I’ve been here over two years and I’ve seen it grow. I’ve see more and more and younger and younger women working in the sex industry or sex field. It’s terrifying."

Residents insisted it's not unusual to find evidence of drug use on the streets.  Alvin Bonner, a resident, said, "You’ll see needles walking up and down the street. You’ll see needles, heroin needles I guess that’s what they are, up and down the streets. It’s just ridiculous."

Jeff Wilsman, a landlord who owns a few buildings in the area revealed he's lost tenants because of the neighborhood problems, "Shocking. A few years ago it was pretty bad down here and it got really well and then when the economy took a dive it got scary again."

A police source indicated the woman may have died from a drug overdose, but they still don't know how she ended up in dumpster.

Bonner added, "It`s frightening, very frightening.  You kind of get scared to walk up and down the street."

The woman was still wearing clothes, but trash had been dumped on top of her.


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